What is apple cider vinegar

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient that is used extensively in a lot of households for several uses from cooking to cleaning to medical uses and so on. The ingredient has a wide range of benefits for your health and a lot of people even make it a habit to consume apple cider vinegar raw without mixing anything else in it. The taste is also liked by a lot of people as it has a sour and sweet taste and is not at all heavy on your digestion. In fact, according to some sources, it helps you digest food a lot faster. 

Benefits of consuming apple cider vinegar

  1. Helpful in diabetes

People with diabetes and on insulin treatment have to monitor their sugar levels constantly to prevent any tragedies of the sugar levels going very high or low. High doses of insulin can be very problematic due to several reasons. First of all, insulin treatment is extremely expensive and the monopoly in the insulin manufacturing sector does not help this at all. Adding to this, constantly taking insulin harms your nervous system too. The way apple cider vinegar helps here is that it improves the insulin sensitivity in your body and eventually when this happens, your insulin doses tend to start decreasing.

  1. Helps in digestion

It is quite common for people to consume raw apple cider vinegar after dinner or any other meal so that the food they have eaten can be digested quickly. A lot of people even consume apple cider vinegar in the morning right after waking up and that is very beneficial as it freshens you up and gets your digestive system up and running right before your breakfast. A small glass of apple cider vinegar in the morning can ensure a good and energetic day ahead.

Source: verywellfit.com
  1. Kills bacteria

Apple cider vinegar was used as a disinfectant for your wounds back in the day and even now, it is used as a food preservative as it helps from food getting ruined and is also natural, so you do not have to worry about consuming preservatives with chemicals. For the same reason, it is also used as a medical ingredient to prevent or cure infections. 

  1. For better skin

Using apple cider vinegar not only improves your body’s inner health but also outside physical experience. It helps give you a smoother skin. It helps with reducing acne and preventing it from coming back to your face. Adding to this, it helps in curing sunburn and relieving you from the pain that it causes. Furthermore, it is finally time to let go of those expensive anti-ageing creams as apple cider vinegar has natural anti-ageing properties that keeps your skin fresh and glowing for a much longer time in your life.

  1. For better hair

The apple cider vinegar is also an absolutely great food for your hair as it generally gives you much better and healthier hair. Hair tangles can be a very tough issue for you if you have long hair. However, worry no more since now you can use apple cider vinegar to solve this issue of hair tangles too. In addition, it can considerably reduce the hair frizz issue from your hair and save your precious hair from falling off or getting loose ends. One of the primary reasons for hair fall is the lack of moisture in your hair. Using apple cider vinegar helps seal your hair cuticle so that the moisture can be locked in, and your hair can be saved from falling or getting withered. Another reason for hair fall is dandruff which is also an issue in itself as it looks bad, gives a bad impression and is very annoying. Consuming apple cider vinegar helps in reducing the dandruff in your hair too.

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Issues with apple cider vinegar

One of the biggest and most prominent issues with apple cider vinegar in its liquid form. The liquid can get irksome to pour and drink and clean if there is any kind of spillage. Another issue with apple cider vinegar is that it cannot be accessible while on the go. You will have to be at home or at the office and somewhere settled to open the bottle of apple cider vinegar, pour it in a glass and drink. Additionally, the apple cider vinegar, too, has a lot of preservatives if you buy a bottled version. On the other hand, if you get 100% natural apple cider vinegar, it might get ruined very quickly.

Alternate to Apple Cider Vinegar

Due to these and several other issues with the liquid form of apple cider vinegar, innovation was done in this area and apple cider vinegar is now available in gummies form. Gummies are small, are in a bottle and have a much longer shelf life than the apple cider vinegar itself. The form is different, but all the benefits of apple cider vinegar are present in these gummies too. In fact, some of the drawbacks that were there in the liquid form of apple cider vinegar are non-existent in these gummies. The taste is not bad either.


These apple cider gummies are available in several brands and are easily and readily available online as well as in medical or general stores. One of the best brands is Goli. The brand is trusted and very rightly so. Its products are really great in quality and are free from any extra unnecessary preservatives. The packaging is really cool and easily openable too. The gummies are safely preserved inside the bottle and have no chance of getting ruined even after a long time of being purchased. Just keep an eye out for expiry dates.

Benefits of Gummies

Apple cider vinegar gummies have a lot of benefits that include the benefits of apple cider vinegar in the raw form itself as well as several added benefits due to the changed form i.e. the gummies. Note that the latter is exclusively beneficial of the gummies and not the apple cider vinegar. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  1. Free of several preservatives

These gummies are absolutely vegan, free of gluten and gelatin and are non-GMO. These things are sure to instil a sense of security and safety in the minds of users as gluten and gelatin are very harmful to your health and GMO products are avoided by a lot of people throughout the world. With the recent awareness and trend of gluten free products, these gummies are sure to have a lasting impact on a lot of people who will buy these gummies for sure.

  1. More accessible and easier to consume

As opposed to its liquid form where you had to open a bottle, pour the vinegar in a glass and then drink it with a highly probable chance of spillage that you will have to clean and on top of that, the glass you will have to wash, the gummies are much more easily consumable. You just have to pop the bottle open, get a gummy in your hand and consume it. This can be done wherever you are, no matter what you are doing or how you are feeling. It is like the benefits of apple cider vinegar packed in your pocket. 

  1. Less chances of getting ruined or wasted

The wastage with the apple cider vinegar gummies is a lot lesser and absolutely minimal if not zero as there is no spillage or leftover in the bottle. Adding to this, the shelf life of these gummies is much longer than the liquid form of apple cider vinegar. These gummies will not lose taste if you open the bottle and keep it open nor will it spill over in your refrigerator if you accidently leave the cap open.

  1. All the benefits of apple cider vinegar

These gummies obviously also have all the benefits that the apple cider vinegar originally has. It helps in digestion, it is great for people with diabetes, it helps improve your skin, it helps you get much better hair, it is used as a morning drink to fluid all your organs with fuel, it can be a source for energy boost, it helps obesity, it improves heart rate and overall heart health, it helps in detoxifying the body in the long term and so on. Hence, point proven that being in the form of gummies, the apple cider vinegar does not lose any of its healthy aspects. 

Bottom Line

As evident by the benefits that the apple cider vinegar gummies have and how they can be so much better than the liquid form of apple cider vinegar, people are shifting from the traditional apple cider vinegar to these gummies. With the gummies, people have started to now easily travel with these gummies. All you need to do is keep the glass bottle in your coat pocket and consume a gummy whenever you feel like it. It is especially useful in today’s era when the world is so fast no one has any extra time on their hands and each second saved is of utmost value. 

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