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Where to Buy Goli Gummies in Canada?

Usually buying online edibles comes with a big bold question. Yes, even in Canada!

Whether they are reliable, safe, and up to the standards remains doubtful.

Goli Gummies defies all the odds by providing safe packaging. Better yet if you are buying the gummies online or popping to the nearest store there will always be an aisle dedicated to the most loved gummies.

If only you knew the right places to look at. That would save you a lot of time and energy. Not to mention the right subscriptions and discount codes really sets you up ahead for a whole year!

To be a part of the reliable goli gummies customer base read on. We have mentioned websites and stores that are 24/7 accessible and notify you about the goli stocks timely. Starting with the original website itself, let’s see what we have in store for you.

Or yet online!

Something you should know!

Online websites are not only the quickest and most approached method in Canada but are also the most reliable. Getting the promotion and discount codes to work on online subscriptions is a charm. Moreover, the websites ship you your order of favorite flavor right at your doorsteps!

However, before moving forward you must know one thing. Not all websites have all the flavors of goli gummies available. That does not mean that the apple cider vinegar gummies are also not in stock. If anything they are always available. It is the other gummies you might have to wait for. Although not if you follow our directions!

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Websites to Buy Goli Gummies From

We have shortlisted websites that have the most ordered goli products and are easy to scroll through. Take a look!

Goli Canada

Goli Gummies ship their gummies all over the world. What better than the manufacturing source itself? All the countries are listed on the checkout page. If you do not happen to find your country you can contact them at hello@goli.com.

The tasty gummies are composed of third party tested, best, and most potent ingredients. Do not hold yourself back as you can ship in any flavor you already like or want to try out! Additionally, the order shipment is placed within 1 to 3 business days. You can also find out more about their shipment policy on goli.com. As far as tracking your orders goes, an email link is sent to you with your shipping code!

Now to the best part. Goli.com offers multiple subscriptions. You can also cancel or renew your subscriptions anytime through your customer portal. Although we have discussed most asked questions you can still explore at goli FAQs.

‘These Goli ACV Gummies are a whole package. Vegan, gluten-free, and apple-flavored. The most effective way to consume apple cider vinegar.’  –Henry M., a happy Customer at Goli.

Amazon Canada

Another best place where you can order your goli gummies without a second thought is amazon. It is surprising if you are not already onto it. Amazon ships multiple goli flavors and packaging deals. For customers who do not want to subscribe but would still like to stock goli at their homes. Amazon has it for you.

It is easy to ship all over Canada and your order reaches you within a week. Like goli.com amazon offers all flavors and keto free separate packaging. Better yet Ashwagandha, new Nordic 500 mg ACV gummies are only a click away!

‘I’ve been shopping from Amazon for a while and can attest that with a well-balanced diet, it’s easy to lose weight and feel good, and I’m sure these gummies are assisting!’ – Amazon reviewer, reviewed in Canada.

Walmart Canada

The amazing thing about Walmart that almost never fails to catch the eyes of the goli customers is that you can shop online as well as in store. Totally up to you what you would like. Usually, customers shop in store for the first time, and for convenience click onto the website for further stocking. You can visit the store for your satisfaction and make use of their online deals from the website. Moreover, Walmart also has a free return policy and ships within 5 days in Canada. Lastly, the shipping is free for over $35.

‘My goli gummies from Walmart are easy to find. The ACV gummies, in particular, are a little sour, but they’re tasty. I will definitely get more and will take it frequently.’ –Rose Larabie.

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Popeye’s Canada

Popeye’s is no different than Walmart. Only will find Apple Cider Vinegar gummies around the clock. The rest of the goli gummies flavors are not so frequent on Popeye’s. In store visits could be a different story in your area.

However online ACV gummies are commonly bought by many customers. Furthermore, their delivery is quick and efficient, and if it helps you can request an order for other goli gummies flavors online. Lastly, Popeye’s happens to be Canada’s largest nutrition retailer with over 130 stores. Meaning they stock the best and most original products!

‘When I originally got them, I was so impressed by the taste and density that I ran out and had to get more from Popeye’s. Because the price was great, I only bought one, but the gummies are tasty and don’t stick to the bottle!’ -Joan

 Vitamin Mart Canada

Vitamin Mart cares for your health and stocks all kinds of effective supplements. Goli Gummies is no exception providing 100% organic, vegan, gluten free gummies that contain no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Additionally, Vitamin Mart offers three big deals according to your requirements. All the deals have discounted prices available all year around. The good news is you can buy 16 ACV 240g gummies and save up to 6% on your final purchase. Log onto the website and order right away! The gummies are stored carefully so they reach you without tempering or disintegration.

‘This is a terrific product that my husband and I have been using for years. If you’re attempting to meet your daily Apple Cider requirement, this is a must try!’ -Sari

Source: www.vitaminmart.ca

Village Vitamin Store Canada

Goli gummies are a great way of maintaining your vitamin levels. Especially B vitamins especially have endless health benefits that are good for all age types. Village Vitamin stores goli gummies of all flavors so you can effectively catch up to the essential body vitamins. Description of all the products along with their ingredients is given on the website. This will help you choose the potency of the gummies while buying although most gummies share almost the same percentage of ingredients. Find out which vitamin and additional product matches your requirement in our article here!

Besides, Goli Vitamins have received overwhelmingly excellent feedback, with many people reporting that it helps with weight loss, digestive health, and overall wellness. Some people claim that there is no difference, but they are in the minority.

‘Overall, a fantastic product with a nice taste and benefits to the immune system.’ –Lo

Dr. Gummys Canada

There is always 10% off on Apple Cider Vinegar gummies and Ashwagandha goli gummies on Dr. Gummys. All the goli products available on Dr. Gummys have a balanced proportion of nutrients shipped from the original retailers. So the gummies are always right at hand.

Now it is up to you to choose just the gummies consisting of ingredients you need in your diet. Moreover, complete information is available on the website. Additionally, the subscription on products is also a huge information source that makes sure you remain connected. With a service no less than that of doctors!

‘My family has been using Goli for a few months and is pleased with it. I wish I could order more from Dr. Gummys since it tastes great. When on sale, it’s a great deal. This is a product that we will continue to utilize.’ –Bert. Dr. Gummys old customer.


Neutra Market Canada

Neutra Market is a certified GMP website that provides only the best. Better yet all kinds of goli gummies are available in more than one form of a deal. They have continued the age old tradition of providing the sought after ACV and Superfood goli gummies so no one is left unwanted. Enjoy the plant based, allergen free gummies sourced from a dependable source any time of the month. Or directly subscribe to the website and be the first one to enjoy the promo and discount codes.

‘I’d always wanted to try them, so I was thrilled to see them here! I’m tempted to consume the entire bottle, lol. This product comes highly recommended.’ –Cheryl, Canada (2022)

VitaSave Canada

Vita save Canada does not only offer you efficient and safe service but also a chance to cut back on your money. Save up to 18% while buying ACV gummies. Subscriptions will save you an additional 5% and you can find the subscription details by the ‘add to cart option. Restore your immunity, metabolism, radiant skin, and energy without sacrificing your health any further. This is your chance to cut back on GMO products. Lastly, VitaSave has received 5 stars from 80% of the customers for their quick service.

‘Definitely preferable to apple cider vinegar in liquid form! I’ve just tested one, so I can’t comment on the functionality!!’ –Michelle Ontario, Canada


Although most websites mentioned above are online. There is also a hidden perk in there. Walmart and Popeye’s offer you an experience to shop in stores anywhere in Canada. You can check the packaging and bottles in person and relieve yourself of online shopping doubts. It gets better when they also offer online subscriptions same as the in store ones so you get to hit two birds with one stone!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Goli Ship to Canada?

Yes, Goli.com offers to ship all over the world. You can check your country on the website for code and access to other areas.

Does Goli sell in stores?

Goli offers direct shipment to websites in Canada. We have mentioned those websites. Other than that the original product is sourced almost everywhere if not directly.

What Goli Gummies are offered at Walmart Canada?

According to the customer reviews mostly ACV gummies are available anywhere in Canada including the Goli Vitamins & Supplement shelves at Walmart.com.

How should I store my goli gummies right after shipment?

It is the same as the usual storage. The shipment will not affect the integrity of the bottles. Do not refrigerate. Store the bottles in a cool dry place.

What method of payment does Goli.com accept?

Goli now accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. We accept PayPal as well.

What is Vitamin Angles?

Vitamin Angles strive to reduce malnutrition and vitamin deficiency in all ages. Goli has joined hands with Vitamin angles to reduce the no 1 malnutrition reason by providing access to life saving vitamins and minerals.

How do I contribute to Vitamin Angles at Goli.com?

Through our relationship with Vitamin Angels, every purchase made on Goli.com results in a 1 for 1 Vitamin Grant, which offers a 6-month supply of vitamins to a kid in need.


We smooth the path for you so you can get your favorite tasty and fresh gummies. Goli Gummies has topped the charts for a reason. Why don’t you try it for yourself? Now that you know the places and codes that will strike you a better deal.

If you have any questions drop them. We will be delighted to answer. 

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