All you should know about Goli Nutrition founder

All you should know about Goli Nutrition Founder

Entrepreneurship is a risky but very rewarding thing. If we take a look at the biggest companies these days and those which are achieving new milestones with each passing day, we will be able to see that a person or a team of few people are behind it who on one fine day decided to take on risk and start their own venture. They thought about a market gap or a new creative idea that might fulfil a public need or that is the need of the hour but is yet unidentified by anyone. That is taking the first mover’s advantage and dropping a very new yet very unique and useful product in the product. 

Examples of initiatives taken by entrepreneurs 

One such example is Facebook. Before Facebook, the phenomenon of such a social media platform was unknown and no one could have even imagined how it would be to be connected to everyone no matter how far they are or at which part of the world they are residing. The idea that everyone can be interlinked through an electronic medium and can know about each and every detail of every minute spent in each other’s life was such an alien and terrifying concept. 

But now, it is a norm and actually has become our need. Imagine a week without social media and wonder what will happen to you if you cannot be online on any social media networks for a week. How hard will it be? Even thinking about it can run shivers down our spines. 

Hence, Mark Zuckerberg, alone with his other mates including Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, made Facebook and the website was at first only accessible to fellow Harvard University students, but soon was allowed for other universities in Boston too and hence, gradually grew to be available for people across the globe. 

Another such example is electric vehicles. Now, although the history of electric vehicles can be dated back to as far as the 1830s when the first electronic vehicle was built and used, the concept did not become a practical reality for the masses until recently. The 21st century is termed as the golden age for electric vehicles and much of this credit must be awarded to Tesla motors made electronic plug-in vehicles a reality on roads. 

Tesla began the development of its people ‘the Tesla Roadster’ in 2004 and was finally made available to customers in 2008. The Tesla Roadster was the first all electric legal highway grade vehicle made available that was being manufactured in series and used the lithium ion batteries. Now, there are several companies manufacturing electric vehicles of their own and even Tesla now has several models which are fully electric. Even though several companies are now manufacturing electric vehicles, Tesla still has a competitive edge and that is due to its first mover’s advantage that it took way before anyone started to think about launching commercial electric vehicles at such a large scale. 

There are countless such examples where people took an initiative, got out of their comfort zone and took the first step towards achieving several huge milestones on their way. HP (Hewlett Packard) started from a garage and so did several businesses that are huge today. Not only do these businesses earn very handsome amounts for their founders and owners, but they also serve a much greater purpose of providing a service in a society that is required by millions of people, maybe even billions. So, never stop hustling and keep that dream of owning your own business alive always. 

Goli Gummies

Goli Gummies is a brand that is not very old, and its product offerings are one of a kind. Neither was such a product ever available in the markets nor was it ever thought about. The brand manufactures gummies that have natural extracts from fruits, vegetables and other natural ingredients. The benefits they offer are numerous. The Goli Gummies have gained popularity all across the globe over the past few years and are now consumed on a regular basis by a lot of people throughout the world including high profile celebrities and notable personalities. 


The Goli Gummies have all the benefits that the fruits or vegetables have (as per the flavour of the gummies). Adding to that, the gummies also have enormous benefits apart from just the benefits offered by the fruits and vegetables of which they are made. These added benefits are what compel the users to get these gummies and make it a habit to consume these gummies instead of directly consuming the fruits. Some of these added benefits are as follows:


The Goli Gummies come in a small bottle which is very lightweight and strong enough to not break very easily due to a hit to it either direct or indirect. All you need to do is pop out a gummy after taking out the bottle from your pocket and consume it. These bottles can easily be carried around without any need to lift heavy weights or bulky goods. Unlike these bottles, if you use normal fruits or liquid forms of them, you will need to cut them or pour them in a glass, and it will take a lot of effort.


Longer shelf life

The gummies have a much longer shelf life than their natural substitutes of them. Hence, you can buy the gummies, store them for several months or even a couple of years and keep consuming them as per your liking. This also makes it possible and very easy to travel across the world with these gummies in your pockets and you can simply have them whenever you want to. Usually, the expiry dates of these gummies are much farther in the future so you will not even have to worry about that. 

Hence, a lot of benefits. Now, who could have thought about such an enthralling and creative concept that still seems to be too good to be true.


Michael Bitensky- Founder of Goli gummies

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Michael Bitensky is based in Montreal, Canada and that is where he has received most of his education and work experience. He is the founder of Goli gummies which he did along with a couple of his partners. Michael founded this company in 2017 with a hope and determination to change the future outlook of the world with respect to healthy diet and food supplements that are not dangerous for a person’s health but give all the required nutrients that the body needs.

Michael had always been a phenomenal leader from leading in his school i.e. early life college and then finally finding his own company where he now leads a huge team of employees in making the impossible possible every day. The employees are happy with Michael’s leadership and that is why the company is flourishing and reaching new highs every day. The company does not have any sort of cash flow issues and the sales are booming in fact now more than ever before. Michael saw an opportunity, a market gap, and jumped right in to solve a single problem of billions of people across the globe.

ACV, Michael said, was a very important element for our body and people used to avoid It or consume it in a very low quantity due to its unpleasant taste. This was the problem that Michael identified and was hell bound on solving it for people. Solving this problem would have not only brought a lot of money and profits to the company but also helped billions of people and that is exactly what happened. Today, the Goli gummies are consumed across the globe and the sales are booming with a growth rate that is much higher than ever before. 

“For years, people have been unable to experience the health benefits of ACV because of its unpleasant taste. As a result, people either give up or reduce their intake,” said Goli Nutrition Founder, Michael Bitensky.

The growth and the innovation, however, has not yet stopped and it keeps on growing with each passing day. Each day, Michael and his team come up with something new that has never been seen in the market and if it is launched, it will do wonders for the world. The gummies have the benefits of apple cider vinegar, beetroot, pomegranate and much more that these fruits and vegetables do not have. The gummies are a rich source of vitamin B12 and vitamin B9 which are exceptionally beneficial for our bodies and lacking it can create a lot of problems for the human body.

Michael was successful and is successful in providing the world with an easy and very useful and creative solution to their very genuine problem. His farsightedness and great analytical skills helped him do that. The journey was not easy and obviously, he did have to surpass a lot of barriers and issues on the way, but in the end, he came out as a successful entrepreneur. 

Now, the question is, are you willing to be the next Michael Bitensky? Are you ready to take an initiative? Are you ready to take the world on?

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